Visual IVR, a new way for your business to connect

Visual IVR

Visual interactive voice response (VIVR) is an IVR system that adds a multichannel visual interface to the traditional IVR experience. The system utilises websites or mobile apps to help a customer navigate menus quickly and improve the way they perceive your business’s customer experience.

Visual IVR is popular across the globe, with One Smart Star (OSS) being the pioneer in Uganda. OSS offers unique, innovative services for corporate customers centred on a short nickname of * and four digits. The nickname serves for voice, Visual IVR, SMS, email, and many more.

One easy to remember One Smart Star Number (OSSN®) * and four digits (*2265 / *BANK) gives your customers the simplicity of single-point connection to your business via every communication channel, unifying all your existing assets into one for ease of access by your customers and promotion by your marketing team. With a convenient add-on to existing communication systems, OSSN® enables simplified customer access to every business.

OSS services like Star Phone enable your business to have a VIVR without developer time or server resources. Consumers dial the OSSN or regular number from their smartphones and your mobile app shows the limitless levels of menus and options available. Available in 50 languages, OSS provides these services in over 60 countries.

How does it work?

  • Customer downloads Star Phone Visual IVR app to the mobile phone.
  • When dialling your company phone number or a * 4-digit code from the phone dialer, your designed Visual IVR page will be loaded.
  • They will then browse through the menu defined by you and get all services from you right from the app, if necessary.

Companies can include a limitless level of menus as needed such as company information, branches, navigation, location, chat online, current promotions, videos, department contacts, emails, website and social media and more.

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